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Once you’ve made the decision to have a tattoo removed, you’re then faced with the (possibly quite overwhelming) search to find somewhere to get it done.

While you might know what to look for in a tattoo artist, what do you need in a removalist? Here we outline some key things to look out for.


It goes without saying that you want the person who is removing your tattoo to know what they’re doing with the high powered laser in their hand. So make sure you find a certified laser operator.


Does the person removing your tattoo prepare you for the experience and offer sound advice on after-care? A good operator will be invested in making sure their client is comfortable both before, during and, most importantly, after the procedure.

Staff experience

Look for a clinic which has medical supervision or a registered nurse on the team. This is a good sign that they will maintain proper medical protocol.


You want to make sure your procedure is taking place in a clean clinic with professional hygiene standards.

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