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Each spring there is a rush on tattoo removal as people contemplate summer exposure. The truth is winter is the best time to be getting rid of the ink.

There is still a myth out there that tattoos can be removed easily in one or two treatments. The reality is quite different. There are many variables that determine how long and how many sessions it will take to rid yourself of an unwanted tattoo. These include: skin type, location of the tattoo, colour and density of the ink, scaring caused by the tattoo needles and layering of one tattoo over another.

Another important factor determining how fast the ink will fade is your individual lifestyle and state of health.

At Exit Ink we use an algorithm designed by the experts to determine the number of treatments you should need.

This is helpful for planning your time and finances. The most successful clients will settle in for the duration and plan their time accordingly.

For example, if you have a tattoo the size of your palm it will cost $135 per treatment. You will have one laser session each 2 months. This means that you need to budget $17 per week to pay for it.

Consider this to how much you spend on ongoing maintenance for your hair and nails. By comparison the expense of laser tattoo removal is well worth it. Once it has gone it’s gone.

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